Drama – It all began with the Greeks! And like music and the visual arts it’s been part of our lives since…..well, forever! It not only entertains but can instruct, make us think, argue, show the proverbial mirror up to nature.

Rodney College provides a comprehensive emersion in the dramatic arts from Year 9 and 22+ credits are available for each NCEA year, and can cover a diverse range of dramatic periods including a look at NZ drama.

It can lead to all acting careers on stage, TV, film or students might diversify into career stage management, theatre tech (lighting etc.) costume, direction. There are so many avenues open to students who take drama as a subject.

Universities are also not adverse by any means to drama qualifications for those studying law in particular.

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Tues 30 Jan
Teacher only Day
Wed 31 Jan
Year 9 & 13s and new students
Thurs 1 Feb
Start for all students

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