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Student notices are very important as Mrs Wright is constantly sending out information through them to help you, make sure you read them. Remember you can pop into Mrs Wright in the Careers Office to make an appointment or you can call her on 09 423 6030 Ext 237.

Discover the new social platform for school leavers - Youth Hub, it connects youth, educators, service providers and businesses to inspire and support students as they transition from school to further training and employment.

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You apply on line for admission to degree programmes. Check online after 1 August to see if the link has been activated on the website of the provider/s you are applying for. Be aware of the closing dates and special requirements for some programmes - eg. portfolios, interviews, auditions.

Mrs Wright organises the universities to visit during Term 3 to help you choose the papers for you programmes of study. Please make sue you take advantage of the advice they five. The dates for these visits are on the study room wall and in the school calendar and daily notices.

University of Auckland have produced this information about prerequisites for their courses. This may help for subject planning in Year 13 - 2024 Subject Guide for School Students


Halls of Residence applications generally open online 1 August. There is competition for places in some halls so be prepared to have alternative options including a 2nd/3rd choice University. Your Common Confidential reference form will be sent to Mrs Wright when you enrol.

All universities have pages online with info about applying for accommodation. For example here is a link to Victoria University - click here


AMP Scholarships  

Auckland University Scholarships    

Keystone Scholarships 

Otago University Scholarships    

Waikato University Scholarships

Canterbury University Scholarships

Victoria University Scholarships  

Lincoln University Scholarships

Leaders Of Tomorrow  

Entrance Scholarship  

Academic Excellence Scholarships


Students planning to go to tertiary study after they leave school should apply for their student allowance or loan by

16 December. Studylink expects around 180,000 students to apply for their student allowance or loan for the 2023 academic year.

Applying by 16 December means Studylink can get everything sorted so that the student receives their funding from the start of their course. Students don't need to have their NCEA results or have locked down all their plans in order to apply.


Their application can be updated as things are confirmed. It's more important to allow enough time for all the steps in the application process to be completed. Students can find out more about applying for a student allowance or loan on the Studylink website. Pop a reminder in your calendar, even better go straight to to apply now.

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