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THE RODNEY COLLEGE CREST signals our intention to become a centre of educational excellence.  The crest portrays the four ships of the Albertland settlers and celebrates the settlers’ courage in facing the challenges of the new world. The diagonal poutama pattern represents the steps to knowledge and our partnership with tangata whenua, and the book forms the heart of a culturally inclusive house of learning.



Rodney College students will:


  • achieve personal excellence in their academic, sporting, extra-curricular, social, cultural and leadership activities.

  • be highly motivated and active participants in the learning process.

  • view learning as a lifelong activity.

  • value themselves and the learning opportunities available to them.

  • see learning as being enjoyable, student centred, inspirational, challenging and meaningful.

The community, staff and students will be proud of Rodney College and will take ownership of the school environment and the learning that happens there. 

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