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2024 Year 9 Options                      2024 Year 10 Options




NCEA offers the opportunity to achieve at each academic level through Achievement Standards, Unit Standards or a combination of both. Each course is designed to meet the needs of the students.  

Please look under Academic for a Senior Option booklet - Years 11, 12 & 13 course selection or you can call our office on 423 6030


  • In Year 11, the 2 compulsory subjects are Maths and English. Students select both at either Level 1, Level 1 Alternative/Applied or Level 2 (and confirmed by Heads of Department).

  • In Year 12, the only compulsory subject is English. Students select this at either Level 2 or Level 2 Alternative/Applied (and confirmed by Heads of Department).

  • In Year 13, there are no compulsory subjects.




In addition to compulsory subjects, students choose ‘option’ subjects.


  • In Year 13, students choose 5 option subjects. We recommend students choose an English option, in order to maintain and develop communication skills needed for most career paths.

  • In Year 12, we recommend students choose Maths, as many careers require L2 numeracy. If you choose Maths, select one of the alternatives: either L2, L2 Applied, L3 Calculus or L3 Statistics.

  • In Year 11, we recommend students choose Science, as this leads to a range of career pathways. There are 4 option subjects at year 11.




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