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Rodney College has an excellent history of students entering the workforce, apprenticeships and tertiary education on completing their secondary schooling. The Careers department is headed by Mrs Colleen Wright who also runs the Gateway programme in the college which gives students valuable vocational experiences prior to exiting school.  Our academic counselling programme has a strong focus on the career pathways for our students and Mrs Colleen is always available for extra support with career information, advice and opportunities.  The school has strong links with the universities and polytechnic institutions throughout New Zealand and the liaison officers from these providers are available to the school regularly for course advice, course planning, information days, scholarships and Halls of Residences.  Careers notices are available in the daily school notices and on the Careers Notices Link.  


Contact Mrs Colleen Wright, Head of Careers at 09 423 6030 ext 237 if you have any queries regarding careers or wish to advise the college of a position available in the work force for one of our students.

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